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cheshiresorrows asked: What's your personal opinion of the Sims 4?


I’m really enjoying it so far! I absolutely love the graphics…they may seem simplistic in screenshots, but the game (in my opinion, at least) is very, very detailed and beautiful.

The emotions system is nice but it definitely seems like a gimmick. It doesn’t add much to the game, and I’ve found that my Sims are constantly experiencing the same few emotions over and over (my Sims have been Energized and Focused hundreds of times, but have never been Depressed or Angry).

My biggest gripe is the lack of content. The babies are extremely simplistic objects, there are no toddlers, and the teenagers look exactly like young adults. I personally love generational gameplay, so this is especially disappointing for me.

The world is also extremely small, even with both towns, and there’s really nowhere to go and nothing to do. As much as I disliked TS3, I really miss having a town. Even just a fake town-view (like in TS1 and TS2) would be better than the static map. It doesn’t feel like anything is connected, and all of the interesting areas are just decorative.

Like the SimGurus have been saying, TS4 is a really great foundation in terms of technology and design. I’m excited to see how they add content to the game…I just hope it comes quickly (and cheaply), because the game really needs it.



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attention all vegetarians


a lot of people don’t know that mcdonalds fries contain beef in them and mcdonalds has been sued a long time ago for this but it’s still happening!!

the company says the “natural flavor” on the fries include beef flavoring

the official ingredients on the mcdonalds website for their french fries specifically says “natural beef flavoring”

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