Cute Caterpillar herbivore girl.

I want to trace the lines in your palms like the veins in leaves. I want to pick stray eyelashes off your face like petals. you love me, you love me not;

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my first thought this morning was “count olaf should have been more thoroughly checked by social services”

Anonymous asked: I'm sure you've answered this before and I'm sorry if it gets annoying but what would be the best advice you could give to someone who is newly vegan? (I'm on my phone so sorry I can't check your faq if it's in there!!!) love you angel :*

hey that’s ok honey! my biggest tip would be looking at, and finding lists of tips online! there are heaps! you should watch documentaries like earthlings, because you’ll really not want any animal products 😫 make sure you’re healthy, you might want to go to your gp before making any significant changes to your diet! maybe look at vegan meal plans, they’ll tell you all the nutrients you need and how to get them! if you had any big favourite non-vegan dishes, try to recreate them! it’ll make it feel more normal until you get used to it :) and most of all, don’t be afraid to slip up, try new things and have fun :) xx