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I want to trace the lines in your palms like the veins in leaves. I want to pick stray eyelashes off your face like petals. you love me, you love me not;

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est. 21.6.13

Anonymous asked: hi do u know any stores where I can buy vegan stuff (not online) I heard u live in Australia and Man it's hard finding anything vegan here, especially where I live

hey where do you live?? definitely try the big stores like Coles, woollies, iga, big w has vegan snacks (like chocolate!). you’d be surprised at some stuff that is vegan, just go to your local shop and check everything! ofc fruits, veges, grains, plants are all vegan, and some snack food is ‘accidentally vegan’ like all natural chips from woollies, hard candy (soft candy usually has gelatine, but not sour patch kids! omg yum). I love nut mixes but they’re p expensive, if you save up you should buy some soy cracker mixes from iga (the ones w almonds, dry noodles & lil crunchy soy thingies). so good. but yeah just stock up on the basics, look at your health food stores (go vita is good) and yeah! :) x